Sunday, April 11, 2010

our little mover and spring cleaning

Ryder has started moving! He rolls all over, sits up and can scoot backward (but not forward yet) when he's on his stomach. It's so crazy! He is already five months old and it feels like just yesterday he was born. It's so fun now that he can sit up and play with toys, he can kind of amuse himself better. I say "kind of" because he always wants me to sit and entertain him anyway. It's pretty pathetic feeling when I realize that I've spent all day playing and talking to a five month old who can't talk yet. John comes home from work and I have to take precaution not to say "ohhahh bababa".... :) And now that Ryds rolls over everytime he's on his back it's made bedtime even worse. Every time I lay him down, he rolls on his stomach and starts crying. Just when I thought that he was going to start sleeping better! Well at least I know that he will sleep when he's a teenager, waking up at the crack of noon.
On a totally different subject, John and I reorganized our kitchen! We bought a stackable washer and dryer when our washer broke and now I have a "laundry" room! It feels so nice to have a quiet washer, one that I can actually wash clothes and hear myself think at the same time! It's also so nice to have the washer out of the kitchen (it used to be next to our stove...yuck)! Now we have another cabinet and more counter space. So we reorganized the kitchen and cleaned out the closet in the laundry room to use as a pantry. Once I was on the ball I decided to rearrange our living room too. We needed to have a bigger space in the middle of the room now that Ryder can roll around. So our spring cleaning is well on its way but nowhere near done! Hopefully I'll get back on the ball before summer starts! :)