Monday, May 31, 2010

lets talk about funny stories

This one happened a while ago but I was just thinking about it today. One of the first times John, Ryder and I came downstate to visit after Ryder was born I was nursing Rydes in the living room and I had this conversation with one of my youngest brothers...
bro :"What's Ryder doing?"
me "ummm nursing"
bro: "what's that?"
me: "wellll um he's eating."
bro: "is he sucking on your tummy?"
me: ""
bro: "Oh! I know! He's sucking on your tummy because you forgot to bring his food!"
me: dies of hysterical laughter

another one that happened around the same time with the same little bro....
bro: "Is Ryder the same baby that was in your belly?"
me: "yep"
bro: "well how did you get him out?"
me: "well, uh. I, uh, went to the doctors." (I was all proud of myself for thinking up such a good answer at this point)
bro: "but then how did you get him out?"
me: "the doctors helped me?"
bro: "no but how?"
me: "umm go ask mom."
bro: "but Ryder is your baby, how did you get him out?"
me: "uh ask mom. Oh look an airplane!!!"
bro: "where?!?!"
me: "whew"

Monday, May 3, 2010

wow 6 months!

I can hardly believe that lil Ryder is 6 months old now! I remember when I thought six months old was big, but that was before it was my little boy who was growing up because he is definitely still a baby! It is always such a relief to go to his checkups and hear that he is still growing at a good pace (17 lbs 6 oz, 27.5 inches). It's nice to get feedback on his eating habits, which we both just made up as we went along! Starting baby food wasn't as big a fight as I thought it would be. I remember trying to feed my younger siblings baby food and it always seemed like such a chore. It took forever and made such a mess! With Ryder it's no big deal, he loves food! That kid is just like his dad... :) He even finished a container of green beans on his second encounter with the new taste. Brave little dude, I would never eat something that slimy looking and that gross smelling! Of course I spooned it in his mouth with a smile and a big "yummm!" I don't even feel bad for bragging on this one because I definitely deserve to have a good eater when he is such a terrible sleeper! Now I hope I'm not jinxing myself...!
As scary as it can be watching him grow so fast, it is also a new adventure every day. Watching him learn to move around on the floor and hearing him babble new sounds at me makes my heart honestly swell with pride. There are just no words to describe it! Every accomplishment I have ever made and been proud of diminishes next to how I feel at his every tiny step forward. It is so amazing how completely my life revolves around the little rascal. Every time he smiles, laughs, babbles and gives me "hugs and kisses" makes all the frustrating times totally worth it! Wow look at me getting all emotional! I guess that is what being a mother is all about :) Speaking of mothers my first Mother's Day is fast approaching! I can't wait to see my side of the family again and to show off how much Ryder has grown!
oh and garage saleing, can't wait for that either! :]