Wednesday, March 31, 2010

spring is here!

Finally! The snow is gone (mostly) and the breeze was actually warm today, spring is here! Everyone says that the cold is coming back but I'll just be the optimist here and hope that's not true. Ryder and I were outside for most of the day enjoying the warm temp..could have used some sunshine but I'll settle for clouds I guess! John and I took a walk through the neighborhood after supper and I carried Rydes in my moby wrap...I love that thing! It took me a while to figure it out and gain confidence using it but now it's so easy to go for a walk on a whim without having the hassel of wrestling the stroller out of the porch. Ryder loves it too! He laughed and kicked his feet the whole time, especially when the wind was blowing in his face :) He's the kind of kid who always wants to be held so the moby wrap really saves my arms...he's getting so big! It's so hard to believe that he's five months old already, time has flown! Or else I'm just so sleep deprived its all passed in a blur. He is starting to sit up on his own mostly but he's still a little tippy. He also rolls and wiggles all over the floor now and at night he flops all over his crib. It's pretty amazing how much he has learned in a couple weeks! It seems like everyday he does something new. I love watching him learn and grow but there are times when I miss the little newborn who would actually sleep when I layed him down!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rain and Giggles

There's nothing quite like falling asleep to the sound of rain falling. It's so soothing, snuggled under the covers, listening to my baby's soft breathing and the gentle patter of raindrops on the window. It's a sure sign of spring when the water washes away the snow and the world outside is wiped clean for a brand new day.

another extraordinary moment...
Sitting on the couch, making faces at Ryder to make him laugh. That adorable giggle just makes my day, I would (and do!) do anything to hear it. His big blue eyes crinkle up in a smile and that wonderful sound of pure happiness bubbles out. Who would have thought the best part of my day would be making fish lips at the little dude? :]

Thursday, March 18, 2010

busy day today!

A new thing Ryder has started...taking naps with me! When he's, let's see...inconsolable, he calms down if I lay down next to him. Which works for me! I got in a half hour nap today :) Heather stopped by with two girls she babysits for today. I sure had a blast having more energy in the house and Rydes loved watching the girls. It won't be long before he can join them crawling around on the floor! He actually woke up from his nap talking instead of crying...and that's always a good sign! I still have to study for my Abnormal Psych midterm but it's so hard to study when my little dude is just smiling and babbling away at me! So I still have to study and I also have to pack (we are leaving to go downstate tomorrow). Between studying, packing, school and lunch with the girls (I know, what a hardship) I have one busy day ahead of me! Better go start procrastinating...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I finally did it!

I've been talking about starting a blog forever and today is the day I finally did! Thanks to everyone who helped with the title, I majorly blanked when I had to pick one! I would love to write more but I've gotta run...Ryder is trying to burst my eardrums :) time to wrestle with some more rice cereal!