Sunday, August 15, 2010


Whoops I haven't written anything in a while! Must be because I've been so busy... or more like because Ryder has been so busy! I swear he gets into EVERYthing! He is steadily mastering the art of walking and with it causes more trouble than I ever could have imagined! Instead of buying baby gates (like I should have!) I have two chairs from our kitchen laying across the entrences to the kitchen and dining room from the living room. It's easy enough for John and I to step over but has always kept Ryder out. Until now. He has started to climb everything so one day he climbed the chair and landed face first in the kitchen. Ouch. He did that once more but then seemed to learn his lesson on that one. Now he simply pulls it away until he can crawl by. Hmm I never thought of that! When I first put them there he was just starting to crawl and it was so hard to imagine him being big enough to get by them. Well what do you know that day is here! So now I have more baby-proofing to do! Our house is now full of Ryder-traps: chairs pushed against the walls so he can't get at the outlets (he pulls the covers off because we have crooked old outlets), the toy box in front of the bathroom so he can't get at the toilet again (actually he just climbes over that but it's still there to give us a 2 second heads up before he goes over), my books packed to tightly that even I can't get them out on the top shelf of the bookcase (the bottom shelves hold his books, which he happily empties every day) etc. And STILL he manages to find stuff to get into! Everything in my house is on the verge of being banished to the second floor...oh wait on second thought he is forever tearing down the gate and making a break up the stairs anyway. No wonder I'm exhausted! I feel like all I do all day is chase after him! well I have to go...Ryder is trying to climb up my legs to get at the computer...!

ps any suggestions?!?