Friday, August 26, 2011


The only way I even have time to write this post is because Jacey is here! Her, Grant and Sarah are up for the weekend :) I LOVE family visitors! And hopefully I will be getting them more often seeing as Grant moved and is now only 2 hours away (hint hint). It's so fun seeing R play with his auntie...he loves having someone else to play with besides boring old mom ;)
I started knitting my first baby blanket!! It's a really fun pattern even though it's a bit time-consuming (but lets be honest, knitting is just time-consuming in general haha). I've never worked on a project that changes colors this often and I kind of like it, I can really see the blanket coming together! So far I have 3 of 17 stripes done and I just got the yarn a couple days ago. I've pretty much been knitting whenever I can! Which is only when Ryder is sleeping so it's not all that much actually :) As for my tunic that I started knitting last winter, it died. Or actually I killed it. I had about six inches done on the back piece when I realized that I had screwed up the pattern so everything was opposite about 2 inches back. GRRRR! So I started to carefully undo it, stitch by stitch, and then I dropped like a million stitches in a row and got so crabby I ripped it all out. Ugh. I HATE when I do that! I get so frustrated that I figure it'll be easier to just start over. But here's a lesson I need to learn. IT'S NEVER EASIER! It took me WEEKS to knit that much (it's a pretty complicated cable pattern) and all of two seconds to rip it out. And now am I really going to start all over again? I hope so, because the tunic is actually pretty cute and I was hoping to have it for this winter. Which is no longer going to happen since I killed it. Gah.
My other project that I'm working on (okay, that I'm going to start working on...soon...) is making burp cloths! I bought pack of cheap plain cloth diapers at WalMart and some cute flannel fabric last week so hopefully I can start on those sometime soon! I will probably start out just super simple, sewing the flannel on one side of the cloth diaper, and hopefully can progress to make some more creative ones. But we'll see. I'm a pretty inexperience sewer (I've made 2 super-simple quilts and that's it) so I want to just try new stuff with this project. I mean who can screw up burpies? (Not me, I hope).
That's all for now, Jacey and Ryder sound like they are having fun coloring pictures in the kitchen and I think I'll go join them :D

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

let's just pretend it hasn't been eons since I last wrote...

...everyone with me? Okay good :) I have seriously been neglecting both my blogs what with summer..and ..stuff. Haha okay no more mentioning this gigantic break, I have no excuses!
So now: I have about 2 more months until I'm due to have my second kid!! I (finally) had a big organizing kick yesterday and started on all the boring stuff I have to do before I can do any of the fun organizing stuff (ie: baby stuff!!!). Unfortunately organizing means my house is a complete wreck until I finish it all. Because who wants to clean AND organize? Not me. I'm hoping to have most of the stuff for the baby ready sometime soon so I can enjoy these last 2 months with is going to be so different when it's not just me and him at home! He is so beyond spoiled because he gets all my attention at home (plus he's just cute and I would way rather play with him than, say, do the dishes or something) and I know that's going to change when his little sib comes along! Sigh. That's something I'd rather not think about right now... hopefully he adjusts well (and quickly)!
Just a short post today, I just got home from coffee with Mal and Selina and Ryder has been waking up at 7 (which is not legit since he goes to bed at like 10) sooo I will be like the walking dead all morning tomorrow. Oh well, it's always worth it for a night with the girls!!