Monday, June 14, 2010

Ryder's going to be a big brother!

In February! We just found out and are so excited! The news got out a little sooner than I had planned but at least now I have an excuse for being so tired and cold all the time! It's actually a gorgeous day outside (the first one in a while) and here I am all bundled up in a sweatshirt, pants and slippers! It is so crazy to think that I will soon be a mother of two! Hopefully these nine months go by faster than last time. With Rydes moving around and getting into mischief I'm sure I will keep busy :) The little guy is now an expert crawler and is now trying to conquer walking along furniture, yikes! Seriously, he learned to crawl in like 2 weeks and then right away he started to stand up using furniture and now he's trying to walk along it. Wow!
Ryder's personality is really starting to show. He is such a ham! He loves to pose for the camera and he knows just when to give you a crinkle-eyed smile or a big slobbery kiss! He babbles all day long and always wants attention :) In my efforts to keep him entertained I've pulled out every trick in the book. Pots and pan, check. Hairbrush, check. Water bottles, hats, spoons and cell phones, check. The list goes on and on! His new infatuation is babies. Babies in magazines, babies in the store or in books. Even just the word "babies" is enough to set off the grins and giggles! So yesterday I put my seldom-used creative thinking cap and had an idea! I cut out pictures of babies from all my old parenting magazines and "laminated" them using clear packaging tape. And voila! His new favorite toy came into existence. So far today we've played with the babies, ate some banana puffs, splashed in the bath for like and hour, and talked ourselves silly. Now that's a day well spent!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Today I was eating lunch (nachos, yumm!) in the living room while Ryder was playing on the floor and our dog Toby was taking a nap on the couch. A couple chips in I happened to glance down and what do I see? Ryder and Toby side by side on all fours looking up at me hungrily, eyeing up my nachos. They just kept staring at me so I said loudly,"My nachos!" just to set the record straight. Toby barked. Ryder cried.

I ended up having to go give Toby some more dog food and having to comfort Rydes for a while. Needless to say my nachos were cold before I could finish them.