Tuesday, December 7, 2010

whats new with me...

Not too much! Actually so much has been going on but in the end nothing has changed. Make any sense to you? Yeah, me neither. So here is the story of my life (okay its just a little tiny part of it). Let me start at the beginning. At the end of June/beginning of July they told me I had what is called a molar pregnancy. I had a D&C in July and then started going in every week to get my blood tested for the pregnancy hormone. Supposedly, it would drop down to zero (the normal number when you are not pregnant) in a couple weeks. Every week I went in and every week it dropped a little. It was taking longer than they thought so the doctor had me come in every other week instead. One week in October (I think, it seems so long ago) the nurse called to tell me that my hormone level had gone up, not a good thing. I hadn't been the best about taking the birth control pills so there was a chance that I could be pregnant but that was quickly deemed not the case when I went in for yet another blood test. After that they took my blood (again, I think I almost ran dry) and sent it to Marshfield. The docs there were looking for something (insert medical jargon here) in my blood that would make my hormone level appear high and they thought they found something. So next my blood was sent to the Mayo Clinic (yay roadtrip!) and they said there wasn't anything there. Huh. So all this time I am putsing around my house and waiting and waiting because my doc said it I would get the result in ten days. Riiiight. A month later they finally got back to me with the results (they hadn't told me it got sent off to Mayo too so I didn't know what was taking so long)only to tell me that they were inconclusive. ... NOT what I wanted to hear. But I put on my polite Tahnee voice and uh-huh'd and okay thanks!'d my way off the phone. And then called my mom to complain :) Luckily she was just as frustrated about the whole thing as I was, so thanks again for listening mom! :) Next I made an appointment with my doc (Dr. Ming Huang who is absolutely amazing even if he is a bit hard to understand) and went in to (finally) talk about what was going on. Turns out that we won't really know what's going on until I get more tests done. Sigh. But it's all good because at least I know what the plan of attack is now! Tomorrow I go in for an ultrasound (I don't really know what they are looking for, probably doctor-y stuff I guess) and then on the 28th I go in for another D&C. After that I wait for the results of the sample from the D&C. They are looking for cancer (yikes the big C word!!!!), which would explain why my pregnancy hormone went back up, the mole would be growing back. If they do find cancer then I'll meet back with the doc to see what's next and if they don't find cancer then they will probably just have to keep doing more tests to figure out why my level is going up (though I am just guessing here). SO. That is what has been going on in my life lately.
Oh, and Ryder got his top two teeth in (he looks adorable!!) and has four more on the way. He is getting so big!! He can point to his ears, nose, mouth etc. when I ask him to (mostly anyway) and his vocabulary is growing every day! His newest additions are "clock" "doggie" "tree" and "buck" among others. About the last word listed...yes, I do know that I am raising a lil Yooper :] Lately he has been obsessed with kicking his soccer ball around the house and climbing on the chairs. He also LOVES the Christmas tree and is always taking ornaments off of it or putting his toys on it :] Seriously he is just growing so fast! He babbles all day long, to me, the dog, himself, or his toys and it sounds like he's actually saying something but just in a different language. He loves to "talk" on my phone too. He picks it up and puts it in the vicinity of his ear and says "Hi, dad!" haha it is just too cute :) So, with all the stress of the last couple months, Ryder has really been helping me through it all! And you have too mom, I don't know what I would ever do without you! Anyway, that's all for now...further updates as events warrant! :]