Saturday, November 5, 2011

just a quick note:

At my doc appointment on Wednesday we set a day to get induced! Since I've been at 5cm since last week and I'll be a week overdue soon we decided to set a day instead of waiting for me to go naturally. With Ryder I was a week late, dilated to 4cm and having a lot of pain and pressure when I was induced. Both pregnancies the docs have told me I would probably go early since I was dilating and effacing so early. Ha. Sometimes I hate proving the docs wrong. So we set a date and it's coming up soon! I am hoping to go on my own before that because getting induced with Ryder was brutal, but I also don't want to go way overdue when I am already swelling up and having a ton of pressure/pain. Walking around at a 5 is not fun. So I've been cramming in lots of cleaning and Ryder-time! Today we spent a couple hours just enjoying being a family of three since soon there will be one more! It was fun to carve out special time to just enjoy life as it is :) That's all for now...No more posts til after the baby comes!!!! :D :D

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